Privilege Obfuscates


White privilege is used in reference to middle class white males.  This obfuscates, intentionally or not, I am unsure, real privilege.  To claim that working and middle class white males are privileged diverts attention from those who have real power and privilege in our society: those who control the large banks, the media, the federal reserve …

I am not suggesting a conspiracy, but the misdirection seems too fortuitous for those people.

That is not to say WMCM receive no benefit from their group membership.  My question is why do they allow privileged academics to make them feel guilty about it, why do they not question who the really privileged are, and how do the peddlers of guilt profit from this transaction?

One thought on “Privilege Obfuscates

  1. Hello William,

    I am just starting to progress through some of your blogs and find them very interesting. I will, as time permits me, follow up on more.

    If I understand your premise, then academics, i.e. college professors and scholars, are propelling the idea that if you are a white male and are middle class then you are privileged; more directly, if you are WMCM then you have white privilege. If i am correct that this is your premise, then I would need edification on what exactly you mean by white privilege.

    If white privilege is in reference to racial/gender equality then I think you have placed a blanket statement over something far more complicated. Academia is a great tool. I agree that it can shape the future and destroy ideology. However, it does have its limitations in regard to, for the lack of a better term, brainwashing. Academia is a slow moving current. Widespread access to college has only happen within the last half century thereby limiting just how far the current of guilt can really reach. Academia’s greatest weapon isn’t free education but the media (in regards to propelling the current of guilt). Then one must look at demographics and etc but I digress on the subject at hand.

    If one wants to look at the conspiracy theory trail then I believe that the privileged academics do get a reward when focusing on WMCM privilege over real privilege aka the 1%. The 1% can donate buildings, set up tuition funds and fund research. This is all a very powerful motivator, wouldn’t you say?

    To your most important question, I do not think WMCM allow themselves to be so easily leveraged. I believe they have their own voice but it does get drowned out by the media more-so than the privileged academics. Then you have to think about the fact that the 1% is targeted too. They want to bring down the 1% too. This is basically the false promise that every democrat makes to the people every election cycle.

    Anyways, I could delve more in the subject but as fate has it, I am running behind myself.

    P.s. See if you can deduce who I am from my email.


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