Pagan Christmas Evangelism


If I remember, I will ask people for campfire supplies for Christmas.  Not because I need or even want them.  I have plenty, really.  But to spread the gospel, without being annoying.  A noble sort of evangelism, where one leads by example.  Not religious/moral evangelism, but aristocratic evangelism.  Rather than, “this is something all good people should do,” it’s more like, “this is something awesome people like me do.”  Following Nietzsche, the logic is: I do this; I am good; therefore this thing that I do and enjoy is good.  If others do this, they will be more like me, and therefore more good.  It matters little if the logic is holey.  What is most important is that I dance about the fire.  It is generous of me to share this possibility.

I will also ask for journals, and a Viking Helmet – with horns.  I know that Viking helmets didn’t actually have horns, but again, that is not the point.  It is to remind loved ones that they too may intoxicate themselves and dance around the fire while wearing a horned Viking Helmet, thereby improving their quality of life.

Other items for the list: a goat, a cabin in the mountains, a stream, bags of manure, a hand-carved totem representing my family history, and wine.




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