Fabulous Cyclical Binary

Today has the potential to be a fabulous day. Humans are fortunate.  At most, every 24 hours we can imagine that today is going to be a better day.  It allows each day to potentially be a fabulous day.  Each morning that life is good we may say today has the potential to be a fabulous day.  Imagine how different we would be if the earth did not revolve around the sun.  It is clear that we would not be anything like human at all – in the way that we think at least.  I’m not speaking of the formal, abstract thought; I mean the basic instincts that have been with us since long before we were human.  How important night and day is for all terrestrial animals!  It is surely one of the most primal binaries – long preexisting purely conceptual binaries and likely, I think, to have developed far earlier than sense of self.  This is primal and is deeply encoded in our bodies and therefore minds.

It seems likely that on a world with no rotation, ‘hope’ would be more dire, something great and deep and cataclysmic.  On earth, hope is easy because change is easy.  Perhaps its no wonder that for many Critical Theorists and other politico-religiously-minded people, historical change is a concept that developed historically in association with the light-dark binary.   The concept of change presupposed and transcended the light-dark binary.  The space between light and dark is change: where they come together and dissipate into a momentary fusion of the two while at the same time shifting from one form to the next – in a regular procession, day after day, after day.  Every generation of human that has ever existed has experienced and has been formed in reference to this binary and to the transitional period between it.

How many other concepts and physical attributes have deep roots in this experience – and are merely this year’s growth on top of the roots?  The menstrual cycle, easily.  It seems far more reasonable to believe that the human female cycle is informed by the lunar cycle than to believe that it is not – both conceptually and physically.  Including and beyond these examples of evolutionary instincts informed by the light/dark binary would be those developed in relation to the seasons.  The experience of seasons shares the same source with the experience of night and day: the earth’s cyclical relation to the sun.  Note that ‘cycle’ presupposes enough stasis to presuppose the identity of at least two things.  The promise of spring eases the cold winters of the north and the promise of fall makes South Georgia summers bearable.  And today has the potential to be a fabulous day.

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