Rambling Untruths

His soul departed through the screen door and then turned left toward Darrell’s house before dissipating in the muggy Alapaha air.



Which it always was

in one field of reality.

Air becoming Mark.

Mark becoming Air.

There is no soul of course.

It is very clever, however, that the soul is a made up word and a made up thing and that this misconception became part of the human, conscious world. Someone coined a word for a thing that did not exist. Through a process like Random Selection, people came to take the misconception for reality. And reality itself was then altered in in effect of this misconception.

All truths are partial misconceptions.

The error was insufficiently effective to catalyze the extinction of the species. That it made the species stronger is conceivable. It does not seem that way to me, however: I have evolved to find, in this genealogy of an error, the theme of creation.

Creating Reality.

Can there be any greater action? Goodness presupposes being. This doesn’t presuppose creation. Support for this claim is empirical. We witness that our world is not static and that change inheres.

This is not a lie believed by Christians or Marxists; Critical Theorists or Muslims: this is a foundational myth held by Naturalists: being precedes goodness and/or the only primal value for being is change. Here I must grant to Hegel that the world is not totally chaotic, moving from one state randomly to another. Order and even something like progress appear before us.

And yet we dance, when no one is looking. I believe dancing cannot be reduced to reproduction little less than I believe that dancing is intimately associated with reproduction. Their histories intertwine and wrap as they flow back to both an original unity and a near-infinite multiplicity. I don’t know: perhaps dancing can be reduced to reproduction. But in my conception of conceptual evolution, lineage increases almost exponentially, and there are no current binaries that are original binaries. The nature of the world does not allow for that. Change and intercourse are the way of things.

Sexuality just happened. And it was good. Was that progress? It led to me.

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